Musique for the special day …



We maintain and operate the “in house” music systems at St Victor, providing flexible and visually discreet equipment for all your speech and music needs throughout your big day.

You don’t HAVE to use us or our equipment, but, our pricing is competitive with other “local” suppliers and we are on site anyway, so … no delivery / pick-up charges !

We also offer 2 other unique services !!!


AERIAL VIDEOdrone shot P

Using our 1080p camera equipped drone we can get an utterly new and unique perspective of your “big day” event.

We carry out 2 flights throughout the day (around 15 minutes each) recording HD video literally “dropping in” on your guests. 

Best tell them to behave !

We email you the video just as soon as it’s downloaded from the drone – usually within 24 hours …

We can supply you raw (as shot) video files and/or edited, with or without soundtrack / music.  All video has an ambient soundtrack anyway, so as the drone descends towards your guests, you will hear their reaction !!



STAR GAZINGEyepiece viewing

Obviously one for “later in the day” as the stars come out

A fascinating and detailed look at the starry sky makes for a fitting finale to a very special day…

We supply at least 2 telescopes, one for “visual” observation (that’s looking through an eyepiece) and one equipped with a special camera that lets us see very deep in space. 

The “deep space” camera feeds live, colour video to a TV, and shows things like galaxies and nebular that we can’t see at all by eye.  We are talking tens to thousands of light years away !!