Since every wedding celebration is individual, the people involved unique, and their requirements different, we don’t have a hard and fast booking procedure.

Normally, we would automatically be in touch with you during your discussions with Marie.  At which time we can assess your music and audio/visual entertainment requirements, and whether you’ll need use of the installed house system.

On rare occasions, wedding parties pre arrange their own live music and may not need use of the house system.  In that case you may still wish to book some technical assistance on the day, and, in any event any group/band or other amplified music system/performer would need to complete our “visiting performers” form HERE.  This ensures the estate can supply you with enough electrical power, in the right place, and that we can uphold basic safety and “house” rules.

Usually however, the in house music system/s are used for background, foreground and “dance” music, both inside and out (within the grounds and gardens).  Having discussed your itinerary and agreed what needs to be where and when, we would “pencil you in” the diary.  We require a repayable (after the event) but non returnable (should you later decide to cancel – shock, horror !) deposit, but will only apply for that relatively close to the booking date.  Even with low interest rates, we still don’t feel comfortable holding your money for months on end.

Arrangements for final payment (when and method of payment) will be made and agreed on an individual basis, in the hope that we can make it as easy as possible for you.