All of us these days have a massive music collection, mostly if not all, stored digitally, on various devices from simple mp3 players to full blown computers.
It makes a huge amount of sense to create playlists based on “activity” or “mood” and then let “random play” or “shuffle” do the work. Cheaper than a DJ, guaranteed only music you like and an interesting & fun way to have music “delivered”.

Random play or “shuffle” on most music servers, whether an app like iTunes on a phone / tablet or laptop or, a dedicated unit like a Cocktail Audio streamer is a brilliant concept.
It will “pull” tracks from the playlist in an unexpected order which definitely adds to the experience, and will play quite dis similar tracks (like, Christine by Christine and the Queens, followed by Nathan Jones by the Supremes) back to back, adding real interest and musical “light & dark” to any celebration.
In fact, it will play tracks “back to back” that no sane DJ would ever think of, which is great, and a really nice musical touch.
Even without “cross fade” between tracks, it’s a really lovely way to “choose” and deliver music. In fact, compared to “continuous beat” DJ’d music theres something quite refreshing about one track fading out, before the next track starts. There’s nothing wrong with adjacent tracks having different tempo & “feel” either – after all that’s what they are, different.

Of course you can also create special playlists of tracks to deliberately play in order, for special events during the course of an entire celebration. Even if only one or two songs played during a particular presentation, while guests are arriving, being seated or whatever.

The options are endless and by virtue of the fact that every playlist you create contains only music you like, you just can’t go wrong !

Playlists, far from being humble, are actually a celebration parties best musical attribute: highly creative, musically interesting and once you’ve done a few mouse clicks, automatic.