MP3’s – Not all are equal !

Lets first discuss the MP3 music file …  it’s digitally compressed, to get the maximum possible amount of music on a given amount of computer storage space (hard disc, SD card or whatever).   The compression is psycho-acoustic: it doesn’t even bother to record subtle details it thinks will be masked by louder sounds.  So, while the advantage of  more music on a given amount of storage space is clear, it doesn’t and can’t detract from the fact half the music is missing !.

Further, by virtue of differing quality electronics handling music in mobile devices (tablets, smart phones & so on) the already “less than perfect” MP3 music file, is then squirted out into the big wide world at vastly differing audio qualities.

Here’s examples of 2 devices, playing the same music, on the same system, at the same volume …


If your listening on, even mediocre speakers, you’ll hear the difference, and the good old Samsung is best described as “muddy”.

This can be an issue, with the possibility of music sourced from a variety of devices, with MP3’s of possibly different qualities to start with, and all accentuated when plugged into a big system !.

Not to mention the issue of “recorded level” in the digital domain: a real issue with the ever present “loudness wars” going on in the music and broadcast industries. Which, leads to digital distortion, before we, as the buying public even buy/download the stuff !.  Nothing we can do about that though, it’s the music industry “dumbing down” product to the lowest common denominator.