Over the years we’ve seen trends change and budgets go up and down to the extent where a fair and flexible enough pricing structure is really quite difficult.

So, believing in a more holistic approach, we’ve turned the World upside down, and effectively don’t charge for equipment rental at all !!

Instead we charge for our time, based on an average from the simplest to the most complex event.

There is a “basic” charge, which covers:

(A) Use of all in house equipment:


* High level mounted speakers, amplification & sound mixer (Fixed in the Byre)

* 2 mobile powered speaker systems, for use anywhere on the estate, indoors or out.

* Various microphones and stands

* Audio mixer, for use anywhere on the estate, indoors or out.

* Collection of audio and mains supply cables (should easily provide all you need)


* Retro mirror ball (Fixed in the Byre)

* H20 (subtle moving water effect) projected on screen area  (Fixed in the Byre)

* High level soft white light festoon  (Fixed in the open barn)

* Collection of indoor and out LED strings and festoons (usually the subject of venue dressing augmenting other visual aspects to achieve the right “feel”.  These can be used “nested” in trees, draped around barn entrances and so on – use your imagination !


* Video projector (Fixed in the Byre, but can be used elsewhere, depending on ambient light levels)

(B) Our time:

This includes ..

* Pre “the big day” meetings (on site at St Victor or by Skype)

* Initial system set up and handover to you

* Pre recording of any “timed” music

Mobile devices such as iPhones are not ideal for reproduction of special pieces of music which have to be played at precisely the right moment:  As the bride arrives for example.

We will record your special “timed” music on a dedicated playback machine for easy, dependable playback without any of the “mobile device” negative issues !.   Our playback machine is tiny, no bigger than a mobile device, and, based on Sony’s minidisc technology, has better sound quality than MP3 !

* General assistance

* After event “uninstall”

 € 140



The above gets you a system that works, but, you may decide to have additional assistance from us, to assist with the day’s smooth running.  This typically includes:

* Assisting visiting artists with set up (mains power and so on),

* “PA” (in the case of smaller groups or solo artists who would rather make use of our system/s) and, the all important general hospitality.

* Re siting of in house mobile speaker systems, as required (from the lawn for afternoon cocktails to the barn for evening dancing, for example)

* Timed operation of pre arranged music / audio events.  SEE NOTE OPPOSITE

€ 85 per half day (typically a “long” morning or afternoon)
€ 150 per full day (typically from mid morning to “wee small hours”)

NOTE:  For any recorded music playback at a specific time, for example, a special song played while signing the register at the end of the ceremony … we will ONLY use dedicated playback machines.

You are welcome to use your own mobile device (iPhone Etc.) but you will have to be fully in charge of the device and it’s operation.
If you want us to play the music for you, at the right time, so none of your guests or family have to take responsibility we can.  You will have to book additional time from us, and we will ONLY use use our own machines.

We use Sony “minidisc” !.  Remember those ??.  They may be older technology but they are very reliable, and sound much better than MP3

General notes

* Renting sound systems from us is just that.  We don’t “DJ” or provide music content other than a small collection of some very general background and dance music available on a tablet.

* Any equipment set up, remains set up (and or available) for use during your entire time at St Victor.  It’s not just set up for the day / evening, and then whipped away again !

* Sorry, but we (for several reasons) will not use Spofity under any circumstances.  You may of course, but we won’t !!!

* Make sure you are aware of and understand:

Point 1 of “house rules” (English version)
and / or
Article 10 – Musique (French version)
regarding noise nuisance, in your contract with Marie / St Victor. 

Regarding noise pollution ….

More potential entertainment goodies ….


* Prices start at € 130 for 2 x flights, recording  1080p video.

* “raw” unedited (with ambient sound) video files emailed to you.

* Video editing / adding music Etc, priced and charged separately based on estimate …





€ 130 for (at least) 2 telescopes and operator / assistance, including:

* Live deep space video on TV.

* “Visual observation” telescope/s for star and planet observation as well as comparison with live video feed.